New Movers Don’t Miss The Value

Value of New Mover Lists New mover marketing is widely regarded as being one of the most lucrative approaches in getting quality leads who are willing to spend money. Many businesses make a significant amount of money by establishing and utilizing their new mover lists on a regular basis. It is a tactic that has Read More

Value Of Coupling SMS Marketing

Value Of Coupling SMS Marketing With Other Techniques Marketing for a product and/or service is not about using one technique and running with it. The best marketing campaigns involve the use of a wide range of techniques paired together to help the enterprise progress forward. Business owners have found strategic value in present times by Read More

Email Marketing Advice You Can Use To Your Advantage

Email Marketing Advice You Can Use To Your Advantage Being aware of how to put together an effective email marketing campaign is of utmost importance if you wish to get the attention of your current and potential customers. A lot goes into making sure that you are properly putting together your campaign so you don’t Read More

Address Hygiene For Your Automotive Marketing

Why You Need Address Hygiene For Your Automotive Business Address hygiene can be defined as the purity and precision of a company’s postal addresses on its mailing list. This form of hygiene is directly correlated with the effective sending and delivery of direct mail. Thus, ensuring that your client address listing is clean will improve Read More

Auto Service Leads – New Buyers

I was running some quick numbers on new records coming into the database. In just the last 30 days we have over 60,969 New Car buyers that purchased a 2014-2015 vehicle. Now you may not think that is alot of data. However these are upto three times verified already. And they are compliant records.  Considering Read More

How Authentic Is Your Data?

Authenticity is something that each of us depends on. We seek authenticity! If you are going to buy a Cadillac CTS-V you will not settle for a Audi S5, a BMW M3, or a cardboard cut out! And if you are going to buy a NEW CTS-V you expect it to be a NEW CTS-V. Read More