Auto Service Leads – New Buyers

I was running some quick numbers on new records coming into the database. In just the last 30 days we have over 60,969 New Car buyers that purchased a 2014-2015 vehicle. Now you may not think that is alot of data. However these are upto three times verified already. And they are compliant records.  Considering all that they have been thru already they are GOLD records!

Gold I say? Why might you ask?

In the first sixty days these New Car buyers will be buying everything from Weather Mats, Tint, Car Alarms, Car Seats, New Insurance, Accessories, and even possibly changing who they do service with. This is a great opportunity to find out who else bought a Ford or Chevy or any other make and are not currently doing service with your dealership.

How do these records play out by type?

New Truck Owners = 5,740

New Car Owners = 19,776

New SUV Owners = 14,283

New CrossOver Owners = 17,709

New Van Owners = 2,017

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