Unexpected New Secrets To Success With Your Emails

Let’s face it. The email “tips” you find online are awful.

You know, the ones that say: Build a strategy. Use A/B testing. Blech!

Of course you’re going to use a strategy! And you’re going to try different stuff. Duh!

To grasp what’s working, think for a moment about why you check your own inbox.

Is it to get the latest marketing emails?

You don’t watch TV for the commercials. Neither do you race to the computer each morning to see what “offers” await.

Emails shouldn’t sell.

At least not blatantly.

You’ll sign up for the occasional app, service or gimme.

But what emails do you really open? Emails from your friends, your coworkers. People who actually communicate and help you.

Even the latest app or service email should be helpful.

Offer people real information. Offer your help. Invite them to talk to you.

Never ever send email from an address like “noreply@you.com.” That’s a painfully obvious way to let your subscribers know your email is merely a one-way conversation.

Here’s another truth:

Email doesn’t drive traffic very well. Unless…

Tests show that email brings far less people to websites than social media or Google searches.

However, here’s the good news:

Let’s say you start out with a rented list of emails. You get the recipients to opt in to your own brand.

Then you send them multiple emails. Guess what?

These people are more loyal, avid fans than your Googlers and social media looky loo’s.

What does this mean for you?

SEO and social media have their place when it comes to getting new leads.

Direct mail and rented email lists work well for getting initial traffic. However…

The real power of email happens when you maintain and work your list. You use multiple campaigns and build brand awareness.

But hold on…again put yourself in the shoes of the recipient.

Do you want 2-3 emails a week from the same pushy company? Probably not.

Build trust, not annoyance. Create ways for people to expect more emails from you.

Now you’re starting to nurture relationships and you’ll actually see sales.

That’s what you wanted in the first place, right? Sales?

Anyone (even with a small budget) can send friendly, well written, truly personalized and helpful emails.

Will you?

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