Mailing List

Getting a list and getting the right list are two different things

You depend on direct marketing to drive new customers to your show room. Your piece looks great, your event is planned, but is your list the right list?

Questions you should ask

Is the list up-to-date? Is the auto data compliant with DPPA/Shelby Act? Is that credit piece you just mailed making you potentially liable for statutory damages?

What you get from National Auto Data

National Auto Data provides you with the automotive list services you need for your next campaign. Only providing you the most up-to-date and correct mailing list services tailored to the auto marketing industry.

Our complete mailing list options provide you access to the largest compliant Auto Ownership database available, New Movers, Trigger Leads, Occupant Lists, and more.

No other provider gives you the same 100% ethical sourced, compliant data solutions as National Auto Data.

National Auto Data

National Auto Data is the largest compliant, multi-sourced auto ownership database available.

Know that you have reached the right auto owner with National Auto Data. Our nationwide auto database is updated monthly with over 4.1 million additions, deletions and modifications.

Multi-sourced & compliant. Every single record validated by up to 3 or more sources.

National Auto Data sources from multiple compliant proprietary transactional data sources including insurance, warranty, after-market, and service provider data sources. All data is validated to ensure that at no time restricted data is utilized. As a result, our automotive lists are not subject to the restrictions that apply to DMV data and it is fully DPPA/Shelby Act compliant.

Select by Year, Make, Model, Purchase Date, Validation Date, and more

Integrate with Kelly Blue Book®

Integrate with Black Book®

Consumer Credit Score Ranges

Age, Gender, Income, Child Present

Email Enhanced

Phone Enhanced

New Movers

New movers that are actual new movers

Connecting with New Movers is vital for any business and even more so for the automobile industry. New Movers spend more in the first 6 months than an average consumer spends in 3 years.

Now getting actual New Movers is easier than before. By combining both transactional and self-reported source data, National Auto Data provides a multi-sourced New Mover solution that out performs all others.

New mover data verification

In depth validation processes are used to verify a New Mover. Using daily new connect data from telephone companies, proprietary new mover transactional data and validating these sources against each other National Auto Data is able to remove invalid records that other providers are currently selling to marketers. By only providing you with validated New Movers you reach the right prospect while saving your marketing dollar by reducing printing and postage costs all while improving your response rate.

Occupant Lists

The right Occupant List provides you reduced printing and postage costs while gaining better response rate. Saturation marketing is without question a numbers and location game. The one variable you can have true control over is the physical location of your audience.

The determined focus on database maintenance means you have the most up-to-date and complete list possible. Getting the most up-to-date and accurate Occupant Lists and the ability to get the lists customized by specific geographic location in relation to your dealership location can help you to clearly see the possible outcome of your campaign.

Location is usually a essential element in determining whether someone will end up as your customer. Drive time, natural or man-made obstacles, proximity to competitors along with geographic considerations may play a substantial role in response rates.

Occupant name lists: personalization and savings

When you require personalized saturation mailing.

OccupantName is really a powerful tool that enhances list response by creating a saturation campaign with more personalization.

OccupantName is National Auto Data’s Resident List file of USPS Deliverable Addresses with head of household name appended where available. Providing you coverage into approximately 70% of deliverable addresses with current Head of Household’s name. You will still obtain saturation postage rates, but typically create a higher response rate through personalization.

If you need the ultimate in Occupant List Marketing – with names – then OccupantName is the solution for you.

Other List Solutions We Offer

Get the freshest data in a customized solution. Increase your results while staying within your budget. Where will the right marketing solutions take you?

Consumer Data

167 Million Households
249 Million Individuals

New Movers

Daily, Weekly, and
Monthly Hotlines

Automotive Data

145 Million + Compliant Records
Year, Make, Model, VIN, Demographics,
Risk Score

Healthcare Decision Makers

Hospitals, Medical Practices,
Nursing Homes

Business Data

18 Million Businesses
15 Million Executives

New Homeowners

Weekly, Monthly

Nurses and Healthcare

Healthcare Professionals
At License Address

Government Office Data

City and County Government –
Officials, Departments

Resident Data

145 Million Addresses
100% Nationwide Saturation

Mortgage & Property Data

Over 40 Unique Selects
New, Refinance, Equity Line

Education K-12 schools and school districts

Administrators, teachers, librarians

Religion Denominational Data

Pastors, Priests, Rabbis, and Clergy