Auto Trigger Leads

Quickly and accurately find consumers that are ready to buy on a daily basis. Trigger Leads provide a unique opportunity by connecting you with credit-worthy consumers at the exact moment when they will be the most receptive to your offer.

Trigger Leads allow you to connect with consumers using a pre-screen firm offer of auto credit and can be customized to meet your dealerships specific lead requirements.  Sourced in partnership with consumer credit bureaus, this powerful marketing program allows you to pinpoint consumers at a time when they are most likely to buy.


What is an auto trigger lead?

Trigger leads are created anytime a consumer has requested a credit inquiry for purchasing and financing a vehicle with a dealership. (You know that competitor across the way)

The vast majority of the consumers have not yet made a decision on the day they had their credit pulled. On average a consumer will take 3-5 days to shop for the right car.


Why a trigger lead program is important to you

Marketing is all about driving prospect at the right time to make that one decision. To buy from you! Knowing exactly when a consumer is in the market to buy with nearly 100% certainty. Simply, a good Trigger Lead program puts you in the position to close more deals and move more inventory.