Embrace Email’s Future: Here’s How To Personalize Your Content

Embrace Email’s Future: Here’s How To Personalize Your Content

You may already know this: email is one of the most successful marketing channels in existence today.

Here’s what you probably never heard of – the strategy only a few companies are using to dominate their competition.

Since email is so successful, it’s getting noisier. More people are using it.

Those who don’t adapt and use strategies such as you’ll learn here will be wondering why the money they spend on marketing ends up in failure.

To succeed you need personalization.

Okay, so that means putting someone’s name prominently in their email, right?

Yes, everyone knows that.

Buying a list of names and emails and just blasting that list…well, that’s what people did back in 2005.

To make money, you need to go beyond this.

In addition to this, you need to be capturing everything about everyone who contacts your dealership.

For example, let’s say that you’re just getting started with email.

You’re smart with your money, so you decide to invest a few pennies more per email and go with a reputable data company with legally compliant, constantly-updated information. You select people in a certain area with the demographics most likely to be interested in buying from your dealership.

Double good for you.

You use this info to send a promotion to each person on your list, using their name prominently in the email. In the email, you include an incentive to come to your website and enter a special code unique to the person you emailed.

That person comes to your website and enters the code.

Yes, now you know the person with email ABC and name XYZ responded to your promo. But if you’re paying attention, you also know so much more.

When anyone connects to the internet, they are assigned a unique number, called an IP address.

It’s a trivial thing for the guys who built your website to capture the IP address of each visitor to your website.

Along with the time and date, which pages they looked at, which videos they watched, and for how long.

Can you see the enormous potential here?

Let’s say they looked at a new Jeep Wrangler (or insert here whatever type of vehicle you sell) on your website.

Now, as you send further emails to them, you can totally personalize your email such as:

SUBJECT: Jimmy, Looking for a New Jeep Wrangler?

Hi Bill,
Noticed you were looking at our new 2015 Jeep Wranglers yesterday at OurDealership.com.

It turns out we have a special sale on these, and we didn’t want you to miss out on it.

Here are the details.

Your Local Jeep Dealer


Can you see how an email like this is totally useful, powerful, very likely to get opened, and can skyrocket your sales?

I thought so too. And the experience of those few totally successful dealerships is proving this strategy again and again.

Are you using these techniques to your advantage?

Contact National Auto Data for a free, no-strings-attached consultation.

We’ll examine every inch of your marketing goals, look at your competition and tell you something new.

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